Screenwriting Consultant

A professional screenwriting consultant has the industry knowledge and screenwriting skills to help screenwriters move towards their ultimate goal — to sell their scripts to the film industry and see their creation on the big screen. It is impractical to enter the industry without the help of an experienced screenwriting consultant.

The default answer that producers and production companies give screenwriters, if they bother to read their script and answer at all, is a big ‘NO.’ It is the screenwriting consultant’s job to help get a ‘Yes’ for an answer. Aspirants may have spent months or even years to pat their story to perceived perfection, but when the time comes for selling it to the film executives, all they face are one disappointment after another. In the last decade or so, script consultancy has gained momentum as a specialized profession. What you may think is a final draft screenplay may seem like a very rough draft to a producer who would likely want the script rewritten several times based on feedback from many groups of their demographic.

There are individual consultants and agencies whose sole purpose is to help budding screenplay writers gain entry into the cinematic world with a bang! A professional screenwriting consultant will have a website where potential clients can learn about their credentials, experience, testimonials, services, success rate, and charges before hiring. If the screenwriting consultant does not have a phone number or does not answer emails before being hired, it is doubtful the consultant will be any more communicative once hired, and just because they have a phone number does not mean they will answer. Call them to find out.

The film industry is very capital intensive, which means filmmakers only want to invest their money buying and producing the best screenplays. The screenwriting consultant must be a person with multiple talents. The professionals perform a large number of functions to have the script accepted and in final form. The screenwriting consultant reviews the script objectively and suggests necessary alterations. Upon request, consultants can become a script doctor, improving and tightening scenes, eliminating scenes, and writing new scenes. It is always easier to spot errors in other people’s work. The goal is to create the best for of the screenplay as possible.

The consultants can fix any holes in the story and propose innovative ways that can add strength to the entire plot. With the assistance of a screenwriting consultant, script writers can take their screenplay to the next level. A professional screenwriting consultant is a master of the industry. Besides their discerning knowledge of fixing slip-ups, such consultants understand the right emotional strings to pull in the story and when. From a broader viewpoint, a professional screenplay consultant can see the possible structural problems, faulty syntax, weak characterization, defective pace, dreary dialogues, and any other shortcomings. And more importantly, consultants are also screenwriters who can fix such issues.

The film industry has dozens of expected norms and standards and an effective screenwriting consultant understands these guidelines. The consultant can even extend guidance during the whole process — from start to finish. In selecting this option, the scriptwriter has the needed step-by-step support needed to break through any barriers and fend against the fierce competition of the entertainment industry.

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