Screenwriting Consultant

A professional screenwriting consultant has the industry knowledge and screenwriting skills to help screenwriters move towards their ultimate goal — to sell their scripts to the film industry and see their creation on the big screen. It is impractical to enter the industry without the help of an experienced screenwriting consultant.

The default answer that producers and production companies give screenwriters, if they bother to read their script and answer at all, is a big ‘NO.’ It is the screenwriting consultant’s job to help get a ‘Yes’ for an answer. Aspirants may have spent months or even years to pat their story to perceived perfection, but when the time comes for selling it to the film executives, all they face are one disappointment after another. In the last decade or so, script consultancy has gained momentum as a specialized profession. What you may think is a final draft screenplay may seem like a very rough draft to a producer who would likely want the script rewritten several times based on feedback from many groups of their demographic.

There are individual consultants and agencies whose sole purpose is to help budding screenplay writers gain entry into the cinematic world with a bang! A professional screenwriting consultant will have a website where potential clients can learn about their credentials, experience, testimonials, services, success rate, and charges before hiring. If the screenwriting consultant does not have a phone number or does not answer emails before being hired, it is doubtful the consultant will be any more communicative once hired, and just because they have a phone number does not mean they will answer. Call them to find out.

The film industry is very capital intensive, which means filmmakers only want to invest their money buying and producing the best screenplays. The screenwriting consultant must be a person with multiple talents. The professionals perform a large number of functions to have the script accepted and in final form. The screenwriting consultant reviews the script objectively and suggests necessary alterations. Upon request, consultants can become a script doctor, improving and tightening scenes, eliminating scenes, and writing new scenes. It is always easier to spot errors in other people’s work. The goal is to create the best for of the screenplay as possible.

The consultants can fix any holes in the story and propose innovative ways that can add strength to the entire plot. With the assistance of a screenwriting consultant, script writers can take their screenplay to the next level. A professional screenwriting consultant is a master of the industry. Besides their discerning knowledge of fixing slip-ups, such consultants understand the right emotional strings to pull in the story and when. From a broader viewpoint, a professional screenplay consultant can see the possible structural problems, faulty syntax, weak characterization, defective pace, dreary dialogues, and any other shortcomings. And more importantly, consultants are also screenwriters who can fix such issues.

The film industry has dozens of expected norms and standards and an effective screenwriting consultant understands these guidelines. The consultant can even extend guidance during the whole process — from start to finish. In selecting this option, the scriptwriter has the needed step-by-step support needed to break through any barriers and fend against the fierce competition of the entertainment industry.

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Best Western Plus: Your Best Choice of Leesburg FL Hotels

For Immediate Release:
Leesburg, Florida, 7 March, 2018: Best Western Plus Chain of Lakes Inn & Suites is known for offering quality hospitality to their guests for several years. This hotel in Leesburg Florida has always been the preferred choice for travelers on a limited budget. As your best choice of Leesburg FL hotels, you can depend on them for an excellent experience that will make it a true joy to return.

Asides from the property’s multitude of facilities and services, all designed to make guests feel genuinely welcome and pampered, this hotel in Leesburg Lake Florida also has a strong emphasis on the needs of the modern business man. The hotel is ideal for both business and leisure travelers. Each accommodation is thoughtfully fitted with amenities to ensure an enjoyable stay for its occupants.

It is a smart choice of Leesburg FL affordable rate hotels and is right where you want to be to experience the many other attractions and points of interest in the area if you have some downtime. They feature amenity-rich rooms that you will enjoy visiting again and again. Amenities included in the price of your stay are a free hot breakfast, an outdoor pool and spa and boat charging hookups.

This extended stay hotel in Leesburg FL maintains the perfect balance between elegance and efficiency seen throughout its beautiful rooms, and also in its comfort and services. Whether you are looking to have North Lake Plaza nearby Leesburg hotel choice or perhaps a Leesburg hotel near Lake Square Mall, Best Western Plus is there for you when you need them.

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Budget Inn: A Hotel Texarkana Texas That Travelers Are Sure To Like

For Immediate Release:
Texarkana, Texas, 7 March, 2018: Hotel Budget Inn Texarkana is an ideal starting point for a variety of travelers looking for accommodations in Texarkana, Texas. It is the right place to stay when you want an excellent hotel in Texarkana TX at an affordable price. All the rooms at this hotel Texarkana Texas are customized to satisfy room guests’ needs. It is clean and its features convenience that one may expect from a premier motel in Texarkana Texas.

With a room type for every traveler, they are always there for you whether you are in the area on business or pleasure. Situated in a perfect spot right in the heart of the city, this family friendly hotel in Texarkana provides guests with the convenience of going in and around the city effortlessly. No matter what type of business brings you to city, they are a smart Texarkana hotel near Central Mall and a budget motel in Texarkana TX well-known for class and convenience.

Amenities available to enhance your stay at this budget motel in Texarkana TX include free Wi-Fi, convenient free parking directly in front of your room and guest laundry facilities. Each room features a modern flat-screen television with cable service, a microwave, a refrigerator, a coffee maker, an iron with ironing board and more.

The relaxed atmosphere and friendly staff make staying at this hotel in Texarkana TX a real pleasure. So, if you are looking for a touring base from one of the Texarkana Texas hotels, then the Budget Inn hotel should be at the top of your list.

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Affordable Hotel in Mount Ephraim NJ Serving Vacationers with Comfort and Care

For Immediate Release:
Mount Ephraim, New Jersey, 7 March, 2018: Hotel Budget Inn and Suites located in the heart of the city Mount Ephraim is famous for its inimitable, timeless design and identity, the luxury facilities and accommodation. It is well known as one of the most popular luxury hotels Mount Ephraim NJ for both convenience and comfort. This luxury hotel in Mount Ephraim NJ represents an ideal accommodation for families or groups of people looking to get away to the beautiful city of New Jersey and who need quality accommodation at affordable prices.

At Budget Inn and Suites, they strive to exceed every expectation while offering value-priced accommodations. Amenities provided to make your stay great include an in-room desk and seating area and free toiletries. Rooms also feature cable television with your favorite channels. They are your top choice in hotels near Philadelphia International Airport, hotels near Philadelphia Convention Center and more. This hotel in Mount Ephraim Pennsylvania provides comfortable, well-appointed lodgings that are ideal for business travelers.

Offering affordable and comfortable lodging, the Budget Inn and Suites is one of the perfect Mt. Ephraim NJ hotels for a family vacation, weekend getaway or special occasion trip. Guests can plan a great vacation in Philadelphia and support an environmentally friendly hotel. They are one of the excellent Philadelphia New Jersey hotels providing the best in customer service and location for an affordable rate. No matter what brings you to the area, they want you to have a great experience there with your family and leave with a positive impression.

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Get a Cozy Stays at Affordable Rates in Schulenburg Hotel Weekly Special

For Immediate Release:
Schulenburg, Texas, 7 March, 2018: It feels great when we stay in a hotel with full comfort, but its feels excellent when the tariffs of the hotel fit in our pocket. However, many times it becomes difficult to find such hotels, but when you are in Schulenburg, Texas the task becomes really easy because the city has hotels like Americas Best Value Inn. It is among the best options of hotels in Schulenburg TX where luxury and convenience come together at a fantastic rate.

If you are visiting the area for business or relaxation, this hotel in Schulenburg Texas have an incredible experience awaiting you. With a fair budget, the hotel offers its guest all the amenities and services that a person expects mostly in a lavish hotel. It also provides its guests with many discounts in the season time as per hotel offers.

As the smart choice of Schulenburg hotels near Interstate 10, they take real satisfaction in providing amenities that enrich comfort too. An opulent haven for rest and relaxation among the other hotels near Houston Texas, Americas Best Value Inn houses visitors in a world of soothing comforts.

All the rooms are equipped with modern day facilities like mini-fridge, microwave, coffee maker and more. Whether you are looking for a hotel near Schulenburg Civic Center specifically or a Schulenburg hotel near painted churches, they are the best option for you. They give high attention towards the safety and security of their guests. They follow strict rules & regulations to ensure the safety of guests.

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Zeal Boutique Updates Its Website With Fashion Blog

Zeal Boutique has added a fashion blog section on its website. The company has already published several fashion-related articles on the blog. Zeal Boutique has promised to keep updating the blog regularly with informative articles offering fashion insights to readers.
Women’s apparel vendor, Zeal Boutique , has launched a new fashion blog on its website. According to the company, the blog is aimed at informing, educating and updating its customers and other online visitors regarding various fashion issues and trends. Already the company has posted several articles on the blog and many more are expected in the coming days. Zeal Boutique has promised to update the blog with new articles on a weekly basis in order to ensure that readers are regularly replenished with information and knowledge about the fashion industry.

The featured articles are well-researched, factual, grammatically correct, and captivating to the reader. One of the most interesting reads offers fashion tips to spice up a lady’s wardrobe. According to this blog post, ladies can embellish their dress code by embracing brightly colored outfits. They can also benefit greatly by remaining updated on current fashion trends. Other ways of spicing up a ladies wardrobe include donning statement-making accessories, dressing according to body type, and acquiring all fashion requisites.

Most of the other articles on Zeal Boutique’s website offer the latest fashion updates. For instance, there is a post on the top fashion trends from the spring of 2017. Another article discusses the latest and most dominant colors in the fashion industry while yet another blog post looks at the boldest and sexiest fashion expectations of 2018. Readers will also get some valuable advice regarding seasonal wear from an article titled “5 Must-Have Outfits & Accessories to Keep You Warm and Stylish This Winter.”

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SEO Consulting Increases Exposure, Generates Traffic, and Drives Sales

SEO consulting has evolved into a set of complementary disciplines that push your website into the top positions for your space. Years ago, the search engines’ ranking algorithms were relatively simple and static. Search engine optimization consulting at the time was focused almost entirely on link popularity and on-site content. The landscape shifted dramatically when Google launched their Florida Update in 2003. It marked the beginning of a new era in search.

Today, the ranking algorithms change continuously. Sites that were once listed in the top positions have since plummeted into the depths of the search engines’ organic listings. SEO consulting has become more important than ever for controlling your search territory.

Below, you’ll learn how professional consulting increases your website’s exposure, generates targeted traffic, and drives sales. We’ll describe the services you can expect and how they give your company a competitive edge in your space. We’ll also provide useful tips that will help you find a search engine optimization consulting firm that can catapult your website into the top positions.

How SEO Consulting Delivers Bottom-Line Results

If your website does not receive exposure, it cannot attract targeted traffic. Without targeted traffic, it cannot contribute to your bottom line. Search Engine Optimization consulting uses a multi-pronged approach to lift your site to the top listings for your keywords. By appearing higher in the search engines, you’ll enjoy more exposure to your market. By targeting specific keywords that your customers are using, you’ll attract visitors who are more willing to take a predefined action. Whether you’re collecting customer information for an email campaign or driving visitors into a sales funnel, SEO consulting provides targeted exposure – the engine for bottom-line results.

Basic And Advanced SEO Consulting Services

Every search engine optimization consulting agency is unique. Most offer a core set of services that will help push your site higher into the organic listings. These will include keyword research, content creation and syndication, and link building. The speed with which you’re able to climb into the top positions, and your site’s ability to control those positions, will depend on a few factors. The proficiency of the SEO consulting firm is important. So too, is the breadth of services offered.

Many SEO consulting professionals offer a comprehensive menu of services that includes online reputation management, reverse SEO, and social media optimization. Some will also launch and manage your pay-per-click campaigns. This is not to suggest that your site needs every service in order to meet your objectives. Instead, a search marketing specialist will review your goals and design a tailor-made strategy for you.

The Hidden Value Of An SEO Consulting Professional

One of the most overlooked benefits of hiring an SEO consulting firm is that they will contantly monitor the search engines’ ranking algorithms. As the algorithms change, they can modify their techniques to gain greater leverage for your website.

Too often, site owners watch their rankings suffer without fully appreciating the root causes. Their pages slowly plummet in the organic listings, causing their traffic volume to deteriorate. As their traffic declines, their sales dry up. A search engine optimization consulting expert will watch the algorithms closely and adapt quickly to changes. While your competitors struggle to maintain their positions, you’ll more easily control your search territory.

Search Engine Consulting Provides A Competitive Edge

Most site owners are slow to adapt to the changing landscape of the search engines. For example, when Google launched their Universal Search platform, savvy SEO consulting firms devoted more attention to social media optimization. In doing so, they uncovered multiple entry points for their clients; Google had given social media sites more ranking authority.

This type of competitive edge is critical, though it’s often hidden from site owners. As the algorithms change, an experienced SEO consulting firm will carve out new opportunities to produce this type of edge for your site. How To Hire An SEO Consultant

Experience counts, of course. A professional SEO consultant should have several years of experience in the search industry. That will have given them exposure to the tumultuous roiling of the search engines’ algorithms. Beyond experience, tactical and strategic foresight is critical. An SEO consulting professional should not only monitor the current state of the algorithms, but have formulated an impression regarding what the near future holds. Tracking and reporting is also important. Ideally, your SEO consulting firm will have the necessary tools to track organic positions, traffic, and even conversions.

So, does your company need SEO consulting services in order to capture and control your search territory? That depends on your niche. If your space has very little competition in the search engines, a comprehensive approach may be unnecessary. On the other hand, if your competitors are struggling to capture your positions, hiring an SEO consulting firm may be the most appropriate response.

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Ten Things to Know Before Hiring a WebLogic Consultant

Have your business applications given you performance headaches at some point during their lifecycle? Maybe you resolved the problems and the application was able to keep servicing your customers and performing its business function for you.

But no doubt there were other times when you tried to solve the performance problems internally, but sadly-and expensively-you didn’t succeed. To keep future hassles away, you probably (a) added more hardware or, worse yet, (b) started a server recycle program to minimize the damage to your production.

As a result, the performance is still sub-optimum, your company is losing money, and your customer satisfaction keeps sinking. To get your application back on track, you’ve decided it’s time to bring in a professional performance consultant.

You’ve made a smart decision. But now you face the challenge of finding the right person. You must find someone who can quickly identify the performance problems, resolve them, and implement a plan to bring stability to the application.

But that’s just for starters. You also need someone who’ll work well with your team and can put standard operating procedures in place to stabilize the current environment and prevent future problems. Plus, this person must be able to transition the best practices to your team clearly and effectively.

As you can imagine, it’s tough to find all these qualifications in one person. Performance consultants are not all created equal. When the time comes to look for your professional performance consultant, here are the 10 key things to keep in mind:

1) SOLVABILITY: The performance troubles you’re facing are common, and cost many companies money. The good news is these problems are solvable. But companies often have a consultant look at an application and he or she decides the problems are just too complex or aren’t solvable.

For example, one company had a software pricing engine that was critical to the business: if the pricing engine was down, the company lost revenue. The CIO admitted that to remedy these problems, they’d have to add more servers. The standing architect said he’d need 240 new servers to handle the load volume.

I came in, did some testing and found that the performance troubles stemmed from the amount of memory the current application was using. My options in this case were limited: I couldn’t rewrite code or change architecture, but I was able to change the Java Virtual Machine for the poorly performing application. This alternative JVM was more forgiving on memory consumption. With new settings, the company was able to scale back from buying the 240 new servers to only 10. Imagine the cost savings!

RULE: Performance problems are common and above all solvable. Sometimes the creative solutions are the ones that offer the most cost effective results.

2) FUNDAMENTALS: A performance consultant must possess a certain amount of common knowledge. Ultimately, you’re looking for a specialist in identifying and resolving performance issues. This person must be well-rounded technically. Here are some basic qualifications to look for:

a. JAVA: the foundation of the application server. Don’t hire someone to identify and solve Java Application Server issues if they don’t have a strong foundation in JAVA. At a minimum, they must understand threads, know how Java uses memory, and be able to read stack traces and write test cases.

b. Networking: includes Load Balancers, Network Interface Cards (NICS) on the boxes, firewalls and anything that’s responsible for routing traffic to your applications. Your consultant must be up to speed on these.

c. N-Tier: These architectural designs add complexity to any system Java Application Servers. Having solid experience with other n-tier applications will help the consultant look at your big picture.

d. J2EE Specifications and Standards: having someone who understands the J2EE specifications is a must.

e. Operating Systems: make sure the consultant has experience with your platform. If you’re UNIX, make sure they have Unix skills.

f. Database: At a minimum, your consultant should understand Structured Query Language (SQL), and be able to identify long-running queries with your database version.

RULE: Understanding basic fundamentals will enable your consultant to adapt to your unique environment quicker and cure your ills in a shorter time.

3) SKILL SET: Systems are so complex that it’s understandable why companies bring in the wrong consultants to find and fix performance headaches. The problems could range from a code bug, a vendor code or a tuning issue to technical architecture troubles and sometimes an application architecture issue. Consultants have varying levels of skill and expertise. Some are strong in architecture and others excel in systems. They could have a development background or something totally different.

Before you start interviewing consultants, consider nailing down the skill set you’re looking for. I once had a customer who hired a consultant with a strong architecture background to come in and look at the company’s performance problems. After doing some analysis, the consultant told them the architecture for the application was wrong and that they’d have to re-architect their systems. I took a look at the same system and found the trouble: a combination of application settings and a bug in the underlying operating system. Once I fixed those, the system performed much better and didn’t need re-architecting.

If you hire a specialist in a particular area, expect the recommendations you get to reflect their field of expertise. Understand what you’re looking for before you open your door to any consultant.

RULE: Identify the focal point of where the problems are, and then hire the best generalist to help you find where they are.

4) BIG-PICTURE THINKER: One of the advantages of bringing in a consultant is seeing your operation from a new and different point of view. Plus, it’s a great way to learn the latest about what other companies are doing or new trends that are changing your industry. These insights can enable you to see the big picture and how your environment(s) compare with others’. A big-picture thinker can help you understand how other companies are managing their Java Application Servers.

The true big-picture thinker can look at your environment and help make recommendations beyond your current performance difficulties. You’ll discover solutions for problems related to architecture, systems selection, load-testing capacity and other aspects of the system, such as its technical architecture. This lets you to plan for the future with your systems. It helps you act proactively rather than reactively.

RULE: Find a consultant who’s a big-picture thinker, someone who can see beyond your immediate needs and give you insightful recommendations for the best-practices approach to running your applications.

5) GOOD BEDSIDE MANNER: One of the most valuable assets of a top consultant is excellent people skills. Production problems put extreme stress on people, so when you’re bringing in a consultant, it’s vital to find one who can communicate effectively and build instant rapport with your team. Getting a handle quickly on what’s happening with your system requires good communication skills all around. This means the ability not only to communicate with others but to interact well with them and build a positive relationship with your team. You need someone who can come in and quickly add value to your team.

I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve heard someone complain that a consultant simply came in, asked some questions and produced a report. This benefits the company hardly at all, and will leave a team working to bring stability to the system feeling alienated.

RULE: You want someone technical who can diagnose your situation, but most important, be able to communicate those findings well to the team they’re working with.

6) SELECTIVITY: It’s better to hire no consultant than a bad one. Hiring the wrong person for the job can cause you more problems than solutions. A good rule of thumb: if you have any reservations about the consultant, then follow your instinct and don’t hire them.

Sure, you’re under pressure to clear up the trouble, but think about who you’re bringing in to do it before you give the green light. Not only are you bringing in a consultant to tackle performance problems, but you’re also going to need one or more dedicated resources to assist. If you adopt the recommendations of someone you were wary of to start with, you might end up with more headaches than if you hadn’t brought anyone in.

RULE: Make sure the consultant you choose is technically qualified to address your particular problems. Be picky and get the best consultant.

7) DOMAIN EXPERTISE: Besides the ability to troubleshoot, customers usually look for a specific application skill. It’s actually a mistake to narrow your focus only to such skills. The engineers might focus on a specific application, but what you really need is a different skill set to help turn the situation around. You need someone who can think outside of the application to bring light to the system as a whole, not just the application in question.

You probably haven’t found the application skill set for the problems you’re having, or the performance-troubleshooting skills, either. Application specialists might have the business logic understanding, but most of them are light on the troubleshooting aspect.

RULE: You’ve probably identified the right skill set(s) to handle technical or business problems with your application. Consider looking for a consultant who can augment your internal knowledge.

8) MANAGING EXCEPTIONS: Suppose you’ve narrowed your field of consultants and have found the perfect one for the job. You’re ready to bring this person on board. Make sure you’ve both explained and documented your expectations with the consultant before starting the engagement. You must identify, up front, the deliverables and artifacts that you expect before the work starts. If a report or a recommendation is due, make sure you negotiate this up front. Have regular checkpoints during the engagement to ensure you’re getting what you expect.

If you expect any deliverables, bear in mind that this usually adds time to an engagement. Allocate time during the engagement, with checkpoints, to finalize reports and deliverables.

RULE: Manage the expectations up front by determining exactly what the consultant will do. Specify verbally and in writing any deliverables and checkpoints that the consultant must meet during the engagement.

9) SOFTWARE SOLUTIONS: Customers are always buying expensive software, hoping this will solve the performance problems on their systems. Be wary of consultants who want to install software they say will cure the ills in your environment. The truth is, installing a software package usually adds overhead to the system and opens the door to increased instability.

If a consultant needs to install software to help identify the issue, limit the footprint to one server in the cluster or to a non-production environment first. In some cases, you do need to install software. Consultants might also need to install tools to find the root cause of a problem. Those tools are only as helpful as the person who’s going to analyze the data. Installing the software won’t necessarily lead to the correct action.

RULE: Software packages add overhead and can actually worsen instability. Remember, once you let a consultant install the software, you’ll l also need someone who can interpret the data and take action on them.

10) PROCESS: Solving problems in any environment will give you some immediate relief from performance headaches. There are usually multiple reasons for performance problems. Imagine you resolve an issue and send the consultant home, having new confidence in your system. Then two months later you launch a large marketing effort and find yourself with your site down again. Or imagine you brought the consultant in during non-seasonal loads and are now in the middle of your busy season.

Solving the problem is not the most crucial goal of the engagement. The most crucial goal is to understand how the problem was solved. What tools did the consultant use? Is this something you can build into your best practices to minimize performance troubles early in the development lifecycle? And how can you put a process in place for continual improvement?

RULE: Create a process to improve your system continually. Fixing a problem one time only sets you up for your next fire drill.


First, find a strong technical professional who has superior communication skills and can understand the big picture, in terms of what n-tier application architecture looks like.

Second, look for a consultant who isn’t afraid of challenges, has worked through similar problems in the past, and has a well-rounded track record of experience.

And third, as I stressed above, it’s often better to bring in no consultant than the wrong consultant.

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